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Meet Cutie: Lauren

Round three of Meet the Cuiteeee!!

Today our ‘Get to know’ is with the super beaut Lauren @laurenkirkhenery

Lauren’s insta is busting with sick outfit stying, but it’s not only about the clothes, this talented babe gives us ultra slick hair and make up inspo too…basically she’s 100% H to T styling goals. If you follow @laurenkirkhenery (which you NEED to) you’ll know she loves a bit of colour and her feed is always looking super playful! We love the cute but sassy edge Lauren brings to all her looks, this guuurl has deffo got those Cute Mistake vibes.

Now lets get to know this chicaaaa!! 

Name: Lauren Kirk-Henry

Age: 26

Where are you based? Cumbria / UK

What do you love most about living there? It’s the Lake District that’s gotta be pretty special right?

Describe your style in 3 words? Quirky, Trend driven, Fun

What inspires your style?

I very much fall in love with colour trends, once I fall in love with a colour that inspires every outfit and style for me

Any Fashion Icon or Muse?

Living for y2k icons at the moment, every bratz doll ever made….
Wuzg00d & Mika Bryony are iconic insta babes though   – OOOMGeee us tooo these babes are certainly iconic! 

Item of clothing you couldn’t live with out?

omg that’s too hard 

3 words that come to mind when you think Cute Mistake?

Unique colourful CUTE   – THANK YOU 😘😘

*Shop Lauren’s First Cute Mistake Look. Our Pretty Poison Mesh Dress. Lauren wears size small.*

What’s the Cutest Mistake you’ve ever made? 

not attempting to get that huge pink bear in my case when I left canggu    -Pinky Bear was gutted about that tooo! 😉

What was the last mistake you made?

didn’t buy the shoes now they’re out of stock    – OOOOPS we feel ya girl! 💔

Favorite experience or place (in Bali if you have been. If not, somewhere else. You Choose) ?

Releasing baby turtles in Bali it was so CUTE hope the little ones survived. 

When Lauren met us at the shop last year she styled up some cute AF fits. All items Lauren wears below are available in the NEW section on our website ‘BALI SHOP’ We offer worldwide shipping from Bali too!

Super Power you would wish for?

To be invisible. 

If you met a Genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?

To relive a moment from the past with someone. I’d use all three wishes on that biggy.  -This one’s so cute!!!  Isolation has definitely got us reminiscing about what’s important too! Lauren you cutie x 

Any advice you would give your younger self?

You definitely only get one shot at this life, make sure you take every opportunity you can to see the world and be truly happy, be selfish but love and appreciate everything and let go of the bad shit. 

What is your party Trick?

Drink as much as you can x  – HAHA love the honesty!

Favorite Cocktail?

Gotta be strawberry daq

Favorite Food?

Thai food/Cake

Thank you Lauren for all the CUTE content you create and inspo you spread from your insta! It is amazing how this platform has developed and links up people and brands around the world. We loved meeting Lauren last year and hope to meet her again soon. 

Forever loving getting to know you cuties! Thank you, hope you enjoy our blogs. Leave us a comment below to let us know what else you would like us to blog about!! 

Stay Cute! xoxox

We hope you enjoyed reading our Blog.

Cute Mistake x x x

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