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Meet Cutie: Chloe Davie

Heyyy Cuitesss, 

Round two of Meet the Cuiteeee!! Today our Chit chat is with BABE Chloe who’s insta show her effortlessly put the chicest of outfits together. Even this ISO sitch isn’t stopping this babe being creative with her styling and shots! 

Let’s Goooo!!!! 

Name: Chloe Davie

Age: 21

 Where are you based? Surrey in UK  

What do you love most about living there? The beautiful scenery 

Describe your style in 3 words: Cute, fluffy and extra 💯💯💯 

Check out some screen grabs of Chloe’s badass babe vibes below. 

What inspires your style? All my fav babes on Instagram

Any Fashion Icon or Muse? Yes Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa!

Item of clothing you couldn’t live with out? Statement black belt

3 words that come to mind when you think Cute Mistake? pretty, cool and obviously so cute!! EKKK THANK YOUUU 🥰

What’s the Cutest Mistake you’ve ever made? 😉 Forgetting to bring a change of clothes after a night out so having to walk round London the following morning in my festival outfit lool I got plenty of stares but least my outfit was cute af (HAHAH LOVE THIS!! we have Defiantly been there too!)

What was the last mistake you made? Not saving my essay don’t even get me started on it NOOOOO 🙊😭


Get It Poppin’ Cargo Pants & Social Butterfly Crop

Fave’ experience or place? So generic but Ibiza! or I love love love Mexico ✈️🍹

*Who can’t wait to holiday again ekkkk

  Super Power you would wish for? Being invisible so could go on loads of holidays and festivals basically for free. 

Any advice you would give your younger self? Don’t worry too much because everything comes together and works out when you grow up 

What is your party Trick? I am really good at telling peoples star signs haha

Favourite Cocktail? Pornstar martini 

Favourite Food?  Fajitas! 

If you met a Genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for? Wish for all animals in the world to be treated well, for their to be no illnesses or at least for there to be cures, NGL I would wish for me to win the lottery also so me and my friends can go on lots of holidays hahah 

Yasss Love all these answers! So fun to get to know you Chloe, Thank you for taking the time to answers these!! 

Over and out Cuitess, untill next time! 💞

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We hope you enjoyed reading our Blog.

Cute Mistake x x x

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