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Fabric Shopping in Bali

If you are trying to start a clothing label or just want to go on the hunt for some cool fabric to make yourself some funky cushions or you’ve got a fancy event coming up, you want to make a dress for there are plenty of places to go.

Over the years we have found people can be quite secretive about where they buy their fabric. We used to spend hours driving around Denpasar popping into any shop we saw…so we thought we would save you the hassle, now you have time to enjoy that extra Bintang on the beach 😉 

So….less of the secrecy more of the sharing!

Here’s a little list of some of the best fabric & Accessories shops:



Jalan Sulawesi:

Location: Jl. Sulawesi, Denpasar

This is a market rather than one shop. ‘Jalan’ means ‘road’ so as the name suggests, Jalan Sulawesi is a road, or door to door little shops with rolls of every type of fabric squeezed in from floor to ceiling!

Some of the shops specialise in particular fabric types so if you are looking for laces, linens, satins or cottons etc, there is more than likely a specific shop for you.

Not only is the fabric itself great but you can also find a lot of traditional Balinese fabrics here. Some shops only stock Batik printed fabrics and Ikats.

There is a huge range of colours, prints and textures. Whether you want to make yourself a boho style lace curtain or a brightly printed beanbag for the house, you will definitely be spoilt for choice here! It’s perfect for pick and mix, however their downfall is that they don’t re-stock fabrics and it’s just luck of what you find on the day. If you are planning something which needs 100s of meters in two months time, this may not be the place for you.


Bintang Harapan:

Location: Jl. Dewi Sri No.101, Legian

Reliable when choosing fabrics in advance, extensive colour range and honestly a lovely fabric shopping experience.

The fabrics are on rolls in the back, in a warehouse meets showroom style format with AC and seating areas. Bintang Harapan is one of our favourites shops for jerseys…and we use a lot of jerseys! They have a large range of denims & Lycra’s too.




An Example above of the fabric and how we have used it in our designs. All of these fabrics where purchased as a solid white fabric then dyed, printed and sewn into a rad Cute Mistake garments!!

Hanky Panky shorts – Bandana

Hanky Panky Shorts – Red

Parama Textile Store

Parama Textile:

Location: Jl. Imam Bonjol No.401a

SWIM SWIM SWIM. We swear anyone producing their swimwear brand in Bali is shopping for their spandex and lycra here.

Parama Textile is largely reliable for continuous stock, we know we’ll have no problems getting out swim basics anyway…some of the more unusual imported textures or colours are harder to guarantee, having said that they try hard to deliver the goods!

Another super organised shop for the usual Bali standards, the store has AC and colour sample books which leave you spoilt for choice. Ekkkkk!!


An Example above of the fabric and how we have used it in our designs. 

Formation Mini Skirt

Speakerboxx Denim Shorts

Warna Jaya:

Location: Jl. Pulau Batanta No.35

This is probably the Holy Grail for fabric shopping in Bali. Warna Jaya has a huge array of fabrics, the choice they are offering is phenomenal. You can find all your base fabrics here, rayon, lace, cotton, linen, satin and silk. However, most are only available in black, white or off-white, so for us at Cute Mistake it’s where we source our Cotton Twills, later to be hand died and screen printed. Stock is very consistent and if they don’t have it in stock they can tell you roughly when it will be available again…and it’s usually pretty accurate, and accuracy is hard to come by here.

Alta Moda:

Location: Jalan Patih Jelantik, Legian

Alta Moda has a vast but slightly more unusual range of materials, it’s definitely somewhere you leave feeling totally inspired.

Three floors bursting with different fabrics, from exquisite silks to funky printed lycra’s, and nothing is in any particular order so you really have to dive in head first.

If you find the fabric for you, you better buy the whole lot of it there and then, because you might never find it again….either it’s sold out or it’s lost in the abyss of fabric, it’s genuinely hard to know which.

Something fabulous about Alta Moda is that their fabrics are ALWAYS on sale! We’ve been perusing Alta Moda for 5 years, and some how always manage to go at the exact time everything in there is 50% off. What are the chances? We’re deduced that actually there is no sale, the prices and what they are, and the 50% sign on the door is a cheeky ploy to make us feel like we’re getting a bargain every time! However, prices are quite reasonable so its still worth the trip!

They do also have an in house tailor who can make clothes for you in your chosen fabric, so if that’s your plan this place can be a one stop shop.  


Swatch Book and an Example of a Cute Mistake Digital Print sample on Lycra!


Location: Jl. Dewi Ratih No.6, Legian, Kuta

A shop with A LOT, but you have to dig deep, both emotionally and physically. This is where you’ll find the infamous funky tropical Bali prints, which you’ll later see in the markets made up into holiday shirts and beach dresses. Everything is stacked up in piles, it can get a bit dusty and dark so it’s a little hard to see what’s going on at times, but take a deep breath, put on your mouth mask and get stuck in, honestly there’s some real diamonds in the rough in those heaps.

Timur Jaya:

Location: Shop 1/ Jl. Imam Bonjol No.321-331 Shop 2/ Jl. Mahendradatta Selatan No.17

Timur Jaya has two shops! One is located on Imam Bonjol and stocks their ribbings, polo shirts collars and poly fabrics. The other, close by in Denpasar, stocks their actual fabrics, mostly aimed at sportswear brands Timur stocks mesh fabrics, jerseys, polys and lycras. Colour sample books are available and easy to look at so you can get a quick idea of what is in store and they are pretty reliable, which, as you may have gathered, is key for us. Timur Jaya also have a digital print manufacturer, they’re able to print nylon and polyester blends, always good to know.

Leather shops:

Location: Jalan Raya Kuta

We have never personally used leather for Cute Mistake however we do know some shops for those of you searching. Head down to ‘Jalan Raya Kuta’ and you will find quite a few different shops for you to brows.


Toko Central:

Location: Jalan Raya Kuta

WOW What a place! Toko Central is HUGE. It consists of two shops on either side of one of the mains roads in Kuta. If you are in need of buttons, chains, beads, sequins or zips you will not be disappointed, not to mention the ribbons, gems, crochets…actually you name it and they probably have it! There is also have a much smaller sister shop on Jalan Imam Bonjol, but the selection isn’t as fun!

When we are designing a collection we can genuinely spend a couple of hours in this shop finalising buttons, fasting and any other details you can think of.

They must be used to designers and tailors hanging around for a while as they have a fridge of help yourself drinks and small tables of bakes snacks. Plus when you have finally made your choices and purchases as a thank  you, they give out bags of Indonesian goodies like cakes and fruits from the owner!

Toko Central also supplies all your sewing kit and craft needs such as machine footers rules needles and scissors. Definitely one for the list, we basically built our studio at Toko Central!

Bali Button

Location: Very beginning of Jalan Raya Teuku Umar, Kerobokan

The clue is in the name. It’s all about buttons here! They tend to stock more or your natural buttons such as stone, shell or wood. So if it’s the more boho vibe you’re after then we are sure you will find something here.

Bali Bale

Location: Jalan Imam Bonjol

Similar to Toko Central but with out the colourfulness or beads and strings. Bali Bale ­­­is more for you bag accessories. A very good shop to know about if you looking for hardware. You can usually find Chains, Eyelets, denim accessories and bags fastenings.

Killing Time Denim Jacket

We hope you enjoyed reading our Blog.

Cute Mistake x x x

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