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Emma O’Flynn Custom Denim x ASOS

We teamed up with the talented artist Emma O’Flynn from Holland for our FIRST EVER Custom Denim Collab Collection.

We are always sourcing Vintage denim around Indonesia to try and do our little bit to support sustainable and recycled fashion! We love to re-work and up-cycle items. There is a great feeling when giving new life to something that people might otherwise never use again.

A short while after meeting Emma she invited us to her exhibition, held in Canggu at the famous Crate Cafe’s Gallery space. Located close to Batu Balong, Crate Gallery showcases artists from around the world who live or are traveling through Bali. The exhibition showed for 3 weeks. It was lovely to see Emma’s art on canvas, even the way everything was displayed pays tribute to her free spirit.

Emma’s art has an incredible feeling of freedom and expression, representative of travel and the flow of life. We love that Emma’s art is very relatable in the objects and shapes she draws and colours used. After speaking to Emma about her Bali exhibition ‘Bipola’ she told us ‘painting is my emotional medium and helps me to express the feelings that are hard to grasp or explain’.

Emma ooses creativity and positivity when you meet her, with a big smile, contagious energy she can’t be missed in a crowd with her big beautiful golden hair. We love how she is open about her art and talking about how it helps her; ‘You can be just as strong in your happiness as you are in your darkness’.

After the LOVE from our First Custom Denim Collab with Emma, we couldn’t resist doing another! This time we discussed the theme a little more and wanted to Bring a bit more Cute Mistake!

We kept this custom range to jeans, making sure to select a good size range to keep them available to as many people as possible.

We kept this custom range to jeans, making sure to select a good size range to keep them available to as many people as possible.

To keep things interesting we chose a variety of different coloured blues, some classic dark denim, light denim and some more unusual tones which we love!! This is what’s great about sourcing vintage denim. The details and colours that you can find keep things super fun, sustainable and ONE OF A KIND!

We invited Emma to the shop to check out the jeans and try some on for us! We thought it would be great to speak with Emma about the collab and being an artist. See what we asked her below….

1)   What inspired you for this 2nd collaboration?

This collection I wanted to be a bit more daring and really fit my style into Cute Mistake’s. I went to an exhibition at the Slow, in Canggu and the artist showcasing there had such cool colour combinations! Also, I had a little bit of an artist block with my own art, so the jeans collection was really good for me to get out of my safe, comfort zone. The inspiration came during the process of making it.

2)   Favorite songs to paint to?

It depends on my mood and what I intend to paint or draw. But actually the jeans I painted on a lot of funky disco house from Romare, Peggy Gou, Teleman.  That suits these colours and prints I guess, but whenever I need to get a bit more into my moody music of artists such as Kevin Morby, Khruangbin and Cigarettes after sex.

3)   Favorite pair of jeans/item from collab part 2 and part 1?

From the first collection I would definitely wear the jeans jacket! (I believe it hasn’t been sold yet, its so good to combine with other pieces and perfect for a festival or night out!). In the second collection I really like the light denim with pink line drawings all over, and that was actually the first one sold!

4)   First 3 words that come to yours head when you think Cute Mistake

Pink, funky & fun 💖💖💖

5)   What about Bali inspires you? / Why Bali?

I think it’s the general lifestyle; being outside, active and on the beach so often. That is really good for my creativity, together with not (needing to have) a solid routine, so I am very happy and lucky that I have been able to live like that for the past year

6)   How do you start a piece?

I don’t really “start” a piece. Usually, I need to plan a day or morning that I dedicate to only painting. So I put on music, make lots of coffee, look for inspiration (Pinterest is great for that). It’s a bit of a mess, with lots of breaks in between. But once I have a general idea I work on a lot of different pieces at the same time. Same story for this collection; also because I wanted it to be a collection of pieces complementing eachother.

7)   How did you decide what to put on the jeans?

I just had some general idea’s, and decided I only wanted to use a few colours (pink, white, blue) and not more. That limited me to be creative with shapes for example. I started on one and slowly while I was painting the other idea’s popped into my head.

9)   How Did you first get into art?

Since I was able to draw, maybe 3 or so, I did. My parents both didn’t do any art so I’m not sure where I got it from.  I could do it for hours and continued to do so. I had a big interest in drawing faces and people, I still don’t know why. When I went to art school, I was introduced to paint: acrylic, but also ink. I used to create super big colourful abstract pieces but really found myself being comfortable with creating the line drawings, and faces.

8)   Inspirational artists?

Picasso, for sure. Matisse too when in comes to colours. And David Hockney, I just love the guy and how he talks about nature

Make sure to check out Emma’s instagram and website!

We have absolutely loved doing this 2nd Collab with Emma. We love being able to learn how others express and get creative with Cute Mistake. We hope that there is more to come with Emma and from any other Creatives out there looking to Collab we are here for ya!!

We hope you enjoyed reading our Blog.

Cute Mistake x x x

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