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November 17, 2017

 ☮ All NINTIES Errr’thang  ☯️

We’re going to go ahead and assume you haven’t been living under a rock somewhere these past few years and that you are mildly interested in fashion, youth culture and the world in general…so it can’t possible have slipped by you that the nineties are back, and have been for a while now. They say nothing is better the second time around, they say should have just admired the original…but lets be honest this whole scene right now is pretty goddam good!

We find ourselves asking why everyone is so obsessed with the nineties right now (including us obviously), I suppose if we discount the rad fashion and the sick music then it was just EVERYTHING else that was amazing!

First things first….THIS GUY! And everything he did. Honestly without Art Attach and Neil Buchanan where would we be today…probably pushing paper behind an uncreative desk somewhere, feeling like there was a gap in our childhood.

Cute Mistake_90s Tv Art attack


Growing up with Mary-Kate and Ashley, watching their ups and downs…their ups being moments like Passport to Paris, which we still all watch today, come on, we’ve admitted it…and their downs being, actually thier downs never really came in any big way, there were no DUIs with accompanying mug shots, they’ve pretty much nailed life, regardless of not having the easiest time. Respect ladies, you the best!

Side note: These two cuties featured in our ’90’s Fashion Style Guide’  rocking our favourite headgear the bandana and some hard core old school transfer tattoos…and here they are again maxing the nineties classic dungarees.


Cute Mistake_Mary Kate and Ashley_90s


Movies and TV in general was at its A game…as was sportswear, here’s a shot from Space Jam proving both of these facts.

It’s taken to this moment for us to realise just exactly why Space Jam is an absolute gem – Michael Jordan playing basket ball…with the looney tunes…coached by Bill Murray…in order to save them being kidnapped by Danny DeVito


Cute Mistake_90s Film_SPACE JAM


A few more of our favourites include – The Lion King, Toy Story, Pretty Woman (we all wanted to be Vivian in that bath!) and Titanic.


Cute Mistake_90s Film


Oh and let us not forget – CLUELESS! CUUULT CLASSIC! Too much to say, too much to love! (FYI – more sportswear inspiration for you here)


Cute Mistake_Clueless_Sportwear_90s


How many times have you seen every episode of Friends? Too many to count?…Us too! We’ve probably spent more than a year watching Friends and we have absolutely no regrets about it. It potentially gave us an unrealistic expectation of what a normal friendship group dynamic is, but if you don’t basically live at the local coffee shop with your five besties then are you really living?


Cute Mistake_90s Tv_Friends



  • Chokers, the more you can fit on your long ass neck the better, CAUTION once you wear one, you feel weird without, it’s an addiction, an epidemic.
  • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER & SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH rocking butterfly clips in true pre teen fashion
  • The infamous RACHEL cut, we don’t see this one reappearing for some unbeknown reason.
  • BRITNEY crimping it up big style
  • SNAP BANDS, which transformed into ‘shag bands’ when the early 00s hit, whatever that meant!!.



Cute Mistake_90s accessories blog


THE MUSIC….don’t get us started, we will be here ALL DAY, the hip hop, the girl bands, the boy bands….there are some undeniable all time classics, theres also some hum dingers, but we love them too, it might be annoying as hell but come on…Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega…yeah, love it!

The number one selling song of the ninties was “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John….not quite on our vibes, but Puff Daddy is up there at number 9 with Britney, Aqua, The Spice Girls and Coolio taking space in the top 20.

We’re just going to leave these guys right here for you…

Cute Mistake_NSync_90s Music


Here’s some frankly quite random but so nineties it hurts images we have stumbled across…

Geri Halliwell in an Oriental inspired dress, catching up on some correspondence at a desktop computer…oh god…dial up internet. What nightmares are made of.

Cute Mistake_Ginger Spice_90s Computer


2 Pac, Madona and Sting just….HANGING OUT

Cute Mistake_90s blog_Madonna Sting 2pac


Will Smith…wearing a snap back, printed MC Hammer pants, Nike Air Force 180s UNDONE and a big silver chain…sitting near a zebra rug…playing nintendo…listening to Mariah Carey… STOP…we’re DONE…MIND BLOWN!

Cute Mistake_90s Will Smith


We hope you can agree that the nineties was a pretty glorious decade, it was fun, colourful, fearless, playful and most importantly it was COOL AF! It’s not the first, nor will it be the last that we spend time trying to make you love the 90s as much as we do at Cute HQ

That’s All (for now) Folks 


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