Cute Mistake, launched in February 2017, is a women’s streetwear brand dedicated to providing the unashamedly confident and unmistakably cute girl gang members out there with high quality, versatile wardrobe essentials. With roots in the gritty street styles of London Cute Mistake keeps pushing the boundary with womens’ streetwear by combining a serious dose of 90s girl power, with classic streetwear inspired shapes while embracing the laid back island vibes of whichever tropical paradise you might be travelling through.

The goal: Keeping it sassy, badassy and most importantly, fun we aim to allow women to celebrate their individuality! Whoever you are and wherever you are going, Cute Mistake can help you feel like your best you!


2018  has been a crazy exciting year for us so far!! In April 2018 we opened our very FIRST Cute Mistake shop, In our home away from home Bali. We decked it out with all things GRL PWR and Pink so we are sure you will love it as much as we do. You can Check it out on our blog post here!! In May 2018, we launched a Pop-Up shop in Topshop Oxford Circus, London. This was an amazing opportunity for us to gain exposure for our brand, meet you gals who want to buy cute mistake and get a real understand of what you babes want!! The Support we have got so far has been amazing and we are super excited to see how far we can take Cute Mistake.

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Two friends, sit on the sand with their feet in the ocean, enjoying a beer…or two, realising they want something more and something new! With 10 years of fashion experience between them, they knew with their combined skills and support from each other they could achieve something awesome!

With a little wink, nudge, maybe another beer and a quick boogie on the beach Cute Mistake was a done deal!

Already accustomed to the beach life, the tropical climate and with new friends (and lovers😉) who were basically family, it only seemed right to start this new adventure in their new home.

Living a life emerged within such cultural diversity, Cute Mistake aims to celebrate and take inspiration from the people we meet and the stories we are told. While still keeping true to our streetwear aesthetic, we create for the city ‘street style’ girls with a traveller heart! (which is exactly who we are 😝 )

We work customising and designing everything from our small studio in South East Asia. We are lucky enough to work with some very talented individuals who we are always learning from and who help us develop our designs and bring them to you!


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