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2nd Hand Shopping in Bali?!

If your looking for Some Fun Fits of Vintage Denim then we have got you covered!

At our shop, CUTE MISTAKE situated in Jalan Munduk Catu close to Echo beach you can fine a badass range of vintage denim Jeans, Shorts, Dungarees and skirts. We customise all our Vintage finds with fun festival or beach vibes. Flames, Check prints, rips and more are added to make sure you’r never looking the same as the Bali babe next to you.

Cute Mistake GRL PWR Short. (We also do GRL PWR jeans, Check them out via this…LINK! )

You can also find More vintage clothes in Jane Doe or One Love.

Jane Doe is situated along a small cobbled road famously known as ‘the Canggu Short cut’ it is quite picturesque, surrounded by pretty paddy fields, a tattoo parlour on one side and on the other, a well known Skate park/Bar Pretty Poison. We also stock a small small range of our Cute Mistake Custom Denim & Vintage Army with them!! 😀

One Love is another well known vintage/2nd hand shop in Bali. They too like Jane Doe also stock independent brands who make their products in Bali.

One Love has two stores and is one of the Island original stores opening in 2007. Both shops are now located in Canggu.

So make sure if your on your on holidays in Bali, backpacking or traveling around SE Asia there are plenty of options!! You can brows through endless vintage treasures as well as new swim wear, jewellery, patches, pins and Cute Mistake Originals😜

Items we sell in Jane Doe and One Love are not available online so you can check out what we do have available to you worldwide in our online store!

We hope you enjoyed reading our Blog.

Cute Mistake x x x

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