March 24, 2017





We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love the Spice Girls….or maybe we have, but we blocked them from memory faster than you can say Girl Power! Even if you’re not screaming like a pre-teen when ‘Spice Up Your Life’ is played (which we defy you not to)…you can still appreciate who they are and what they did for us poor lowly women 😉 .

AND even if you haven’t seen Spice World more times than you’ve done your own laundry, you can still appreciate that they have an array of talents and are a very entertaining group of girls…and if you can’t, then…you are wrong, because they are the biggest selling female group of all time!

They were the ultimate DREAM TEAM, they helped mini girl gangs across the world unite. They represented us all, helping girls celebrate what made them different…there is one spice for everyone and everyone’s got a bit of each spice in them.

These girls showed us who our real friends were, if you couldn’t still be best friends after a cat fight over who would be Ginger Spice in the group performance of Wannabe then it was never going to last. Anyway there were plenty of other viable options :-

SCARY SPICE – The northern lass with head to toe leopard print (usually lycra), a sharp tongue who tells you exactly how it is…and had a roaring laugh

SPORTY SPICE – The energetic, surprise surprise ‘sporty’ one, down with all lads, with a uniform of adidas tracksuit, crop top and running kicks.

BABY SPICE – the cutesy, naive one with bunches in her hair, teddybears in her bed and a lollypop on her mouth…she made a-lot of mens fantasies come true in her mini dresses and over the knee socks.

POSH SPICE – the fancy one! Little black dress and heels, ready to go….married a footballer, had amazingly good loking children, opened a fashion label, bought a castle, lived the dream

GINGER SPICE – The ginger one?…no come on she was so much more than that, she was the sexy & sassy one, with a fiery personality and some raunchy outfits, famously the union jack dress of course.


The Spice Girls taught us life lessons (we didn’t know at the time what they meant, but they’ve stayed with us all) with timeless lyrics like ‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends’…the definition of ‘get with’ has changed in young culture now, so don’t literally get with our friends please…but be friends with our friends, and let us be friends with your friends and then one day our friends will be friends with your friends and we will all live happily ever after. We think thats what they meant.







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