January 10, 2017

Using your hair to express you’re individuality, your style and your personality has really come into it’s own over the past few years. People are getting real experimental with colour, cuts and styles. Last year we couldn’t get away from pastel shades and loose tousled waves! This year we’ve already seen an array of beliage/dip-dye (keeping a half head fairly natural) and the explosions of boxer braids, but experimentation and fun keeps on coming…the next thing FOR SURE is the whole shebaaaang – BRIGHT & BOLD all over colour blocking or dip-dye from one IN YO FACE colour to another (e.g. turquoise to lime!).

💛💘🐠 💜



Another trench coming in hot and heavy at the moment is GREY, in an array of shades. Icey white, Blue Grey, Slate Grey….the list goes on.

💀 👻👵🏻

Cesca recall being taunted on the netball court of high school ‘be careful you don’t trip up the grandma’ ‘don’t throw the ball too hard the grandma might break a hip’ all because she used to sleep with purple shampoo in, or wrap her hour in a plastic bag and sit near a fire for hours in order to achieve an icy tone…the addiction got way out of hand and she rocked what was basically a blue rinse for six months (until school told her unnatural colours weren’t allowed and she was sent home until the situation was rectified). Well you can eat your words teen bullies…ten years later and bet half of you are trying to get grey steal as we speak.




The celebs are lapping up these trends – heres Nicky Minaj with some kind of rainbow striped dip-dye, Rita Ora rocking a FIREY tail and Jourdan Dunn nailing the Blue STEAL (hair not zoolander)


…‘Not Another Salon’, an East London based salon for the playful and sassy ladies of London (or travellers through) to have some serious fun with their locks. Owner Sophie Hamilton is a coloured beliage specialist and godamm does she create some spetacular colours (the images up top are all her baby)…and the salon itself is a treat for the eyes too, practicing a ‘No JUDGEMENT’ policy and taking customers back to thier childhood of fearless experimentation and self expression

Their Instagram @notanothersalon is a fairground of 3rainbows, and we love it! Not only have they started a trend of the hidden rainbow, which is perfeeeeect…but they recreated the spice girls…keep doing what your doing !!


Sophie Hamilton – the yellow headed Jessica Rabbit 💛🍋🌟


Grey perfection and HIDDEN RAINBOW at Not aNother Salon 🌈


BOOM!!!! Inside the salon…too sleek for words!! 🍭✌️

We’ll be in the corner crying about our boring hair



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