May 17, 2017


‘It is important for us in our debut collection to ‘go hard or go home’ (quite literally),

by fusing together 90s rap and hip hop vibes and style nostalgia with sportswear

classics, giving a nod to the bold street styles of England’s fashion capital, London

and the sun soaked all day, err’day island vibes of our home from home. We are

creating our signature in fearless use of bold colour and print, casual oversized fits

and adventurous style for the faces of girl power.’

Our personal style is influenced heavily by our love for hip hop and 90s style. Having said that we are not JUST Mack Daddies, we are also women…and we like to dress like women and wear women’s clothes. You could say, we’ve found ourselves somewhere between Snoop Dogg and Gwen Stefani….a 2Pac meets Dionne from Clueless (the real style queen of that film BTW), if you will…and just to make things confusing we occasionally throw in a bit of Nirvana, flannel shirt style grime. 

Where could you possibly go to find all these vibes under one roof…



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 🌟THE CUTE CREW on Shoot DAY!!🌟


We knew for a long time that eventually… our collection would be finished and we would need to shoot…so had scouted lots of suitable settings in and around our tropical boho island home. Finally we landed on a local skate bowl and funky wall which we found while driving around (AND a UBERRR cool swim locations but those deets are for later😉).

The 4.30AM wake up call was a shock to the system, but we all drenched ourselves in coffee and got on with the day ahead…We met at location 1 the skate Park. The Cute.Crew started to arrive our models Miara and Nata went straight into hair and makeup while we ran around getting coffees and breaky. The Girls  just nailed it right from the get go, Both super fun with the right Girl Power and fun Attitude👑👽🌈… while dodging the odd guy at the bowl trying to enjoy there morning sk8 that we where rudely interrupting🙊. Location 2 was the funky wall where we also met our M8 who bought along his old skool BMW for the day! This locations was super fun. So many areas to play with and with the help of our photograher’s boom box we kept the 90s hip-hop vibes rollin.

Our Photographer Denny has to be the hype boy of the day! Super excited for evey outfit, shot and location he kept us all buzzing with his PMA vibes.🔝

blog image

The 28 Degree heat can be a killer when your running around during a photoshoot trying to make sure the models aren’t going to pass out but also don’t look to sweaty and still like they are having fun, which of course we all were!!

Everyones attitude throughout the day stayed on point!! Even in the heat everyone was pushing to get each photo done!! Our make-up & hair stylist Kat O’Hara kept the girls looking BEAUT at all times while staying on top of our hectic hair and make up changes. ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

Swim collection out Mid May so those cheeky BHTS will have to be kept quite for now!! but check out our BHTS from ‘NOT YOUR EYE CANDY’ BELOW!!

View the full Lookbook here!!

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