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November 9, 2017

What is custom Denim all about?



Custom denim to us at Cute.MSTK its all about individuality!Β When you wear custom denim we want YOU to feel yourself. Denim Can be expensive so why buy a pair of jeans or a jacket that the person next to you is going to be wearing. We try to make Our custom denim affordable but we are aware it isn’t cheep either, but that because if the time and effort we put into it and when you buy it, THATS IT, its gone, no one else can have it!Β πŸ˜‰

We start by searching high and low for good quality vintage denim! We look everywhere and anywhere around South East Asia from tiny stalls to massive out door markets. In the scorching head or at night with the mozzies we spend hours going though rails of denim from around the globe. We do not necessarily look for a ‘brand name’ which is often more popular but we look for a great quality denim, intricate designs, nice fits and interesting details. Some of our favourite finds have been from brands we hadn’t herd of before.

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 17

After finding our denim diamonds in the rough, we clean and customise. We hand paint or hand embroider our vintage denim with a little bit of a playful attitude with original illustrations slogans or patterns. We make sure every piece is something we would wear our selves. There is something rewarding about bringing newness to 2nd hand/vintage denim. As well as adding hand painted illustrations we often customise the denim in other ways with studs, ripping and bleach.

We think investing in Custom Denim is a must do! We live in our Cute.MSTK denim jackets, styling them over our trackie’s while popping to the supermarket or over a cheeky dress on they way for nice dinner or night in town.

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 16

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 14

We are aware that shopping for custom denim can be difficult especially if the design you like isn’t in your size. If this is the case, don’t worry, we are totally happy to customise any design just for you! Of course the jacket/shorts or jeans wont be exactly the same but we always try our best to get the closest matching style. After selecting your size we can then create the design your have chosen with its own little touch. email; heyhomies@cutemistake.com


Check out some of our custom denim vintage styles below.

(we do sometimes like to add in a little camo for funπŸ˜‰)

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 3

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 10

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 5

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 4

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 7

Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 9


Cute Mistake Blog x Custom Denim 13


Catch ya later Folks


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